IMPORTANT NOTICE: As we think you are noticing Cryptofarm is evolving and is becoming a serious and very important project in which people do not enter just to have a passive profit, but rather to receive a lot of other high value services. During this period of expansion of our project we are trying to divide between the many expenses and payments of users. We have developers working hard to implement new services that you can take advantage of later, we purchased hardware to increase the power of our mining farm, we incurred expenses to move our platform to offshore locations, we incurred expenses to resist the great attack hacker who wanted to destroy us and despite all this our project is not dead, on the contrary it has evolved and improved more and more. During this phase, payments to users are random and discontinuous, because we do not do scams and user profits are closely related to the real possibilities of the company. Tomorrow we will reopen the payments with a maximum low withdrawal threshold to please everyone and we will make a single payment for each of our users, after which we will close the payments again and then pay our developers who must be paid. If you try to make more than one withdrawal per head the second payment will be refused.